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Essential Tools Every Garage Needs

A well-equipped garage can make the most daunting of repair projects a cakewalk. The right tools not only increase your efficiency, they make the process of fixing and restoring cars way more enjoyable.If you are serious about working on cars, you should have the following tools and equipment in your garage:

  1. A wide variety of wrenchesNo tool finds more use in a garage than the humble wrench. You will need it to take apart car parts, remove bolts and work on the smallest to the largest of car components. A well-equipped garage should have a variety of wrenches in varying sizes. This should include, but isn’t limited to, ratcheting wrenches, feeler gauges, elbow ratchets, and adjustable wrenches.
  2. A number of gripping toolsYou will be surprised how many times you will need to grip and pull out a part from the car. A garage with a wide variety of gripping tools will make your job a whole lot easier. Lineman pliers, needle-nose pliers, slip-joint pliers, long-reach pliers, locking pliers and diagonal cutters should be an essential part of your garage tool kit.
  3. Screwdrivers, sockets and hex keysBesides wrenches and pliers, you also need a number of different screwdrivers, sockets, torx bits and hex keys to work on cars. For screwdrivers, make sure that you have both slotted and Phillips style in a number of varying sizes and lengths. You should also have deep sockets for working on nuts and bolts. You should also have hex keys (sometimes called “allen wrenches”) and torx bits for working on specific car equipment (such as brake calipers).
  4. Power toolsNo garage is complete without some power tools. While not absolutely necessary (you can get most jobs done manually), they will save you countless hours and tons of effort. At the very least, you should have a cordless drill with a number of drill bits. You should also get yourself an impact driver, impact wrenches, and air-compressor powered air-tools.
  5. A workbenchA workbench is the simplest piece of equipment in any garage – and also the most important. A workbench can be simply a piece of solid wood, or it can be a high-end metal platform with built-in light and tool box storage. You will spend hours fiddling with different parts on the workbench; make sure that you invest in quality equipment.
  6. Tool storageNow that you have all these tools, you also need a place to keep them. A good tool storage cabinet will make tool organization a whole lot easier and give you access to just the tool you need, whenever you need it.

Building a well-equipped garage can be an expensive process. Instead of buying everything at once, start small, buy the most essential equipment first, and build out your tool chest gradually.

What Equipment is Needed in a Garage

Typically, home-owners do not need much speciality equipment in a garage. But if you are a hobby or professional car mechanic then you might have need of a range of devices to make your day-to-day tasks easier and safer.Car lifts, jacks, stands and motorcycle lifts can be used to get vehicles off the ground and allow maintenance and repairs. When you want to do maintenance on the vehicle, you can use an oil drain, wheel service, auto-body repairs kit, air compressors and diagnostic devices.

What Is Best to Start Out With?

If you are just starting out converting your garage to a work area, then most people will begin with a work-bench and a few tool boxes to organise their current supplies. Then you can get additional tools as you need them and make sure that they always have a place to be stored, ready for use.Most people have 1-2 vehicles and it is not always practical to start your car if you want to just move it a short distance. The driver of a vehicle may not be home and prefer not to have their vehicle driven at all, or it might not be efficient or practical to burn fuel just to move the car a few inches or into a carport or a garage.There are many devices on the market that can help you move your car quickly and without starting it. With the device you can move your vehicles about indoors or outdoors by attaching it to the front of the vehicle. It makes it safe and easy to use and you do not have to exert too much strength. This reduces the chance of injury when working in the garage.

Safety and Security in Your Garage

It’s very important to consider safety and security in your garage no matter what equipment you are installing. As with many other parts of the home, a garage is governed by strict fire codes, building codes and government regulations that mandate for the highest levels of safety.Your home insurance provider will be able to advise you of what is necessary, because in many cases you cannot be insured unless you do everything according to the book.

Managing Your Business

If you have a business to run with a fleet of cars, then the Stringo can also be extremely useful. A common scenario that is taken care of easily is when there is a cold snap or a snowstorm. If you do not have enough drivers on hand to get vehicles into protected areas, then you can use one of these devices to move the fleet efficiently and cheaply without risking the health of your workers.This equipment in your garage can be a real time-saver and can move even the largest vehicles in the tightest of spaces.